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how do you PLAY!?

I have a suspicion about that font... it looks too familiar


el mojor juego

Can You Do this For mac and for free?

im need it so much

Awesome Game Ever

Quite a quaint, attractive game, given its flaws. We enjoyed it at least...

I was lucky enough to get the free version awhile ago, but I think it is out of date.

Still, this is a VERY HARD GAME! I haven't played a game like this in ages!

(I know it is a demo, I just forgot to mention it!)

If you collect four, you will die no matter how wide you are.

Does anyone know minimum specs to run the game? I have a pretty bad laptop so im hoping someone can help before i buy. Thanks:)

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if the old laptop can hang. (

Before starting the game, there is a quality adjustment menu. You can choose for any computer.

My computer is also old
amd athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 4200+ 2.2 ghz
1mb video card 5GB RAM.
on it the game is going fine.

Now the game is paid. I want to raise money for the release and in Steam too. Almost, almost, ready final version. New levels. New Enemys. New obstacles.

mask up mondays with us is a way to give creators feedback.   your game is the first game we played.

This game really took stealth horror to a new level. Probably one of the most difficult games that I've played so far this year. The atmosphere was brilliant. The ambiance itself was super quiet, that way when the 'jumpscare' sounds went off, they were WAY more effective. I liked how you outlined the story right away. So we knew exactly what was going on the entire time. The models were awesome, I loved the way the enemies looked!

All that being said, it was WAY too easy to get caught. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but it could swing either way. On one hand, it's great! As long as you were trying to make the game extremely difficult. At one point, off camera, I even climbed on top of a bookshelf to be caught by an enemy when it was standing on the other side of the room from me. I don't know if that is a hitbox issue or not. It would also be awesome if you could add a 'peeking' control to sort of lean to the left and right and peek around corners without being seen. Otherwise, you just have to blindly run around corners (and most cases, the enemies see you before you see them). And MAYBE a minimap or a map that the player could bring up. After a bit of searching, it's pretty hard to remember where you've been. After a few tries, you start to get the hang of it, but yeah.

I really loved this game and I cant wait to see more! I actually have been playing it regularly outside this video. xD Thanks so much for making this!!

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hi !! i have a lot of fun playing this game 

sorry i come from vietnamese so my english not good!THANKS


Hi, i couldn't help but realise you have taken my Thumbnail? 



Awesome game i really enjoyed it and the monsters were scary as hell i legit just poked my head out a door and was immediately chased xD.


Really great game. The art style is really nice and the concept is cool. I like that the jumpscares are not as loud and over done as other games.

Overall really fun game :) but, they catch you way to easily and the gears seem to be scattered so random it's really a play on luck game :P found the key a few times though! Had 2/4 gears that's how far I got.

Ok! You know what? That was the most intense thing ever. Besides the random jumpscare music moments. To freaking the hell out when they are chasing you! I could only manage to get 1 gear as well before death...Overall! Fantastic!

I really enjoyed playing this scary game the  watchmakers make the game npt only terrifying but also very challenging 


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Hi, Tokan! The concept of the "Watchmakers" is intimidating and frustrating, because they catch you all the time, if you're not that careful. I had a blast playing the game.

Having issues trying to play; game will load up but graphics fail to load with it. Can't see anything about where I am or what I'm doing. No flashlight nearby, all I can seemingly do is open/close a drawer or door, and that's after I walk blindly in darkness.

This game kicked my booty! Great job loved the jumpscares and the concept keep up the great work!

There are two ways you can tackle this game:

1: be a scared pussy cat

2: Laugh at how ridicules the game is and enjoy it for the stupidity it is

I played both and enjoyed option 2 better. Amazing stuff!


I almost pee my pant.HAHAHAHA good game bro! I love it!

This game is hard! I had a great time playing it though! I actually only managed to see a piece I didn't even got to pick it up xD

But I had a great time time playing so thank you!

Thank you all for your posts and comments. I do not always respond promptly to all posts. But I really appreciate your opinion. Thank you so much.

Now I'm redoing part of the game. There will be a possibility saving. What will make the game not so difficult. New enemies and new traps

Really had some fun with your game, after awhile though I can see it getting a little bit tiring and over done, but it's still pretty fun either way and I really enjoyed it!


The range of vision (threat level) of the watchmen is huge! I just feel with how many of them  there are, how many pieces you have to get  that it's unfair for the player and, a huge advantage for them!


This is sooooo freaking scary, I might try and finish it at a later date.

Thank you for your support. For me is very important.

Probably in the next update I will make not such a difficult passage, at least in the beginning. But even with this complexity, you can go through the game.  : )


incredibly difficult game

Made a video 

Hey I just played your game on my youtube channel and I loved it!  I hope you continue with this game!  Sacred me a lot in this video!

Never been so scared!

I found this one to be very hard to do but I am working on it :P

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