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Brother, Wake Up (Horror Game)

Tangled mazes. The oppressive silence makes you listen to every rustle. And only the cries of monsters scouring the corridors let you know how close these nightmarish creatures got to you.
Search every corner. Check all the rooms to find the hidden parts from the clock.
It is these details that he grabs to repair the terrible clock of the "Watchmaker" With which he put your younger brother to sleep.

Beware of watchmaker assistants, they will interfere with your search. These terrible creatures will scour and chase you on the heels.

You can hide from monsters in cabinets and under the bed.

Monsters have a good ear. Crouch down and they won't hear you.

Monsters react differently to the light of a flashlight. Some can be driven away. Others, on the contrary, will attack you.

On the passage of one location is given 3 attempts.
If you have few lives left, you can always replenish it in the first-aid kit.

Now the game has 4 small locations. And one big, extra, designed for a long passage.

Three levels of difficulty (Ghost) Easy and Difficult.

The game supports 4 languages - English, Russian, German, French, Spanish.

The game is still in development. New levels will be added.

If you have any idea about how to improve the game. Be sure to write. And maybe it is your idea that will be added during the next update.
Good luck to your game.

Brother Wake Up - Complete edition

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TagsHorrible, Horror, Survival Horror


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Hello there. I tried this game and honestly. I was not expecting much of the game but it surprised me quite well just it drags kinda on with it's mechanics. So, still good work. I even made a video if your curious.

hi, big thx for the nice game :) greetings from rosti

Alright...Be honest...Someone's out to get me with these games that have been jump scaring me lately...I love it. This game was SUPER fun! Made you a video: 

the game is, meh, to me it doesn't really classify as a horror game. although i really like the models and the game was fun overall. it gets a 7/10 for me chief

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really well made game my only criticisms is that 14 is a lot of things to collect for a stage when you're going from point A to point B eventually you just kinda get used and burnt out to the AI running around, and when I tried to look at the controls while playing the game the screen got stuck and I couldn't resume, but this is the first scary game that made me screech that jump scare got me so good! Well done overall my play through of level 1 here: