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Protect your spaceship from mad robots. Responding to their aggression with hurricane fire. Hurricane shooter that you will not get bored.

All of the old - Only a complete Hardcore in the passage of missions. No concessions. Only the Strong can pass this way.

The task. The task

Your ship collects data about the planet that would subsequently start extracting resources and in sucking these resources out of this planet to the end, to the last drop.


Bad news.

Local aborigines for some reason do not agree with this and have let on mad robots.

Destroy any resistance. Shoot everything that moves, shoot everything that threatens your task. Do not let the robots destroy you.

Good news.

The corporation, your generous employer will not leave you without money.

For each destroyed robot. Whom you smashed into small gears, you get money. "Big Money"

Do not forget about the stars that locals throw out on the battlefield thus worshiping their deity, in the vain hope that it will protect them.

For money and stars you can update and improve your arsenal.

Become the best shooter. Become an undefeated shooter in the hurricane shooter Denny's War.

Shoot from a large machine gun. Shoot from the huge Blaster. Restore your health.


Pick up the stars and first-aid kits can be shot at them from the blaster.

Install instructions

Uzip folder. Start  windows.exe file


Windows.zip 102 MB

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